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Accessibility linting rules

Curlylint now comes with 7 accessibility-related rules, ready to use in HTML templates. See All rules for details about the individual rules.

This is an important milestone for the linter – essentially demonstrating its usefulness once and for all, if that was still needed.

HTML best practices#

Most of the rules Curlylint currently ships with are very simple "HTML linting" rules for accessibility, based on established best practice:

See a pattern? All of these are variations on the same theme of “HTML attributes should only contain a limited range of values based on established best practices”. This is great news for this project – it means there can be quite a lot of results achieved with minimal complexity when it comes to creating individual rules.

In the future, this could easily be taken further to cover:

  • Security best practices, for example rel="noopener", or disallowing javascript: URLs in href.
  • HTML maintainability best practices, for example disallowing duplicate class attributes.
  • And of course, more accessibility and ARIA best practices.

Obligatory mention of eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y, which has been a huge source of inspiration. Generally, modern React tooling has this figured out, with extensive static analysis available. For me, this isn’t just a nice-to-have – it’s hard to always keel all of those best practices in mind, and linting is there to automate this for you. Note this isn’t just React – Vue has its eslint-plugin-vue-a11y too!

Templates best practices#

This doesn’t have to stop at HTML. Curlylint already supports parsing template syntax, attempting to be usable as a linter for Jinja, Twig, Liquid, and the likes. We can also have rules to enforce best practices for this template syntax.

The first example of such a rule is django_forms_rendering, which restricts how forms can be rendered in Django projects, for accessibility reasons. I’m very excited about opportunities like this to codify and share best practices in a way that scales well.